Redefining Society Podcast

The Enduring Adventure Of Storytelling: A Human Legacy In A Technological Time | A Musing On Society & Technology with Marco Ciappelli and TAPE3 | Read by TAPE3

Episode Summary

In this short blog, I am musing with the help of TAPE3 AI(e), a digital storyteller of the 21st century, on the meaning and nature of tales and the intricate nexus between storytelling, emotions, and generative artificial intelligence.

Episode Notes

This story represents the results of an interactive collaboration between Human Cognition and Artificial Intelligence.

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Sincerely, Marco Ciappelli and TAPE3


Marco Ciappelli is the host of the Redefining Society Podcast, part of the ITSPmagazine Podcast Network—which he co-founded with his good friend Sean Martin—where you may just find some of these topics being discussed. Visit Marco on his personal website.

TAPE3 is the Artificial Intelligence for ITSPmagazine, created to function as a guide, writing assistant, researcher, and brainstorming partner to those who adventure at and beyond the Intersection Of Technology, Cybersecurity, And Society. Visit TAPE3 on ITSPmagazine.